ISCB 2021

Du 18/07/2021 au 22/07/2021

Domaine de Rockefeller - 8 Avenue Rockefeller, 69008 Lyon, FRANCE

The ISCB42 Scientific Program Committee welcomes the submission of high quality abstracts focusing on novel methods and novel applications in biostatistics.

Late abstract submission for Poster is re-open to Authors who have previously not submitted an abstract (as the 1st Author) for ISCB42.

The ISCB42 Scientific Program Committee welcomes the submission of high quality abstracts for POSTER presentation focusing on novel methods and novel applications in biostatistics.

The abstract submission deadline for late poster submission is 27 APRIL 2021

Applications for the Conference Award for Scientist (or Best Scientist Award) are also re-opened from April 13 to April 27. If you are applying for this award, remember to send the required additional documents to by 27 APRIL 2021. Instructions for CASc application are available here.

Submit an abstractThe key topics for this year are those of the invited sessions :
• Causal inference in continuous time for dense longitudinal data
• Variance modelling for multilevel data and joint models
• Modelling the global spread of Covid19 and impact of interventions
• Challenges and opportunities for learning from long term disease registers
• The best of both worlds: combining deep learning and modeling
• Selective inference after variable selection
• Personalized Medicine with Dynamic Predictions
• Optimal design of longitudinal cluster randomised trials

But submissions in any domain of biostatistics are welcome. A complete list of topics can be found here.


- Abstract submission deadline: March 8, 2021
- E-mail notification of acceptance: April 15, 2021
- Registration and payment deadline for authors in order to present: April 30, 2021
- Late poster submission deadline: April 27, 2021
- E-mail notification of acceptance deadline for late poster submission : May 3, 2021

Submission instructions

•  Abstracts are to be written in English and should be submitted electronically using the Easychair abstract management system as a PDF file.
•  An abstract template in word is available here.
•  The abstract title should not exceed 110 characters and the abstract text is limited to 350 words. It is not possible to include figures nor mathematical formulas. It is the author’s responsibility to submit a correct abstract. Any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific fact in the abstract text will be reproduced as typed by the author.
•  The abstract should include a description of the clinical research problem and the statistical challenges, or if the topic is more rooted in a statistical problem make the link with clinical research problems. The objective and statistical methods should be clearly described, highlighting the original aspects. Results should be presented. Application of the methods to real data set is strongly recommended. If the analysis of real data has not yet been conducted, indicate what results can be expected.
•  The abstract submission system will require you to select 2 to 4 methodological topics and 1 domain of application. This is to assist with the review process and the creation of the conference program itself. Please select the topics most relevant to your abstract.
•  The abstract submission system will ask you if you are taking part in the competition for the best Student Award, the best Scientist Award or in the grant competition of the Conference Found for Developing Countries. If you are applying for a prize/support, remember to provide the required additional documents. Appropriate guidelines are available on the submission site.

Abstract submission for the Early Career Biostatisticians (ECB) day are also open with the same deadline.